Our comprehensive in-home tutoring program places your child’s needs at the forefront of our educational approach, enabling us to equip ADT’s trainers with not only the necessary initial training, but also the ongoing skills development to ensure they utilize our effective and proven systems, strategies, and programs to manage all student needs, all the time.

At ADT we also know that the foundations for student success are built on more than basic content knowledge, which is why we provide Personal Academic Training for all students.

Primary Education

Prep - Year 6

All Subjects 

We believe that every student should reach their full potential. This is why we have set strategies in place that will help our students to excel not just whilst at school but lifelong.


Our Academic trainers are armed with knowledge across the Australian Curriculum with full training and experience.  

We are an institute that will not leave your child hanging on the edge. ADT trainers will be monitoring students' progression at the end of each term. Based on this result, and a cross-check report received by your child's school, ADT will re-plan lessons and target activities where necessary. 

Secondary Education

Year 7 - Year 12

All Subjects 

Each of our school tutoring programs is personally tailored to each individual student. Our primary goal is to understand, appreciate, and strengthen our primary school students, to provide a solid foundational basis for their educational journey ahead.

We work one on one with students to determine their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and learning language, which in turn helps develop their very own personalised program.

Throughout this process, we continually aim to create a strong base of support for primary school students to access, which includes their tutor, parent or guardian, and teachers. With their input, support, and encouragement, we believe every single student will flourish!


All Year Level & Subjects 

ADT is a fully Face to Face Tuition Service, however, for any reason should parents prefer Remote Learning it can be arranged easily.


The learning content will remain the same as face-to-face tuition. This way, students can continue learning without any further disruptions. 

Flexibility to Suit Families 

  • Learn in your own comfort, an environment that feels, safe and familiar.  Our trainers come to you!

  • Schedule sessions when they suit you. Our trainers work 7 days a week, including public holidays. 

  • Easily Reschedule sessions when things get busy. No problem! 

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