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We have over 10 years of experience in our industry that has provided tuition to over 7,000 students with a success rate of 96.7%.
We partnered with State Schools across Queensland with a database that captures a student’s academic and performance reports which, both their teacher and trainer can access to help track student progress while assisting the trainers to plan lessons effectively targeting areas where the student lacks to strive.

Avikash Narayan

Principal’s Welcome

Tutoring with a twist!

My name is Avikash Narayan, and I am the principal of Australian Direct Tutoring (ADT), an innovative in-home tutoring service based in Brisbane designed to provide a transformative instructional experience that is ALWAYS tailored to the individual.

At ADT because we value the individual, we only recruit the most suitable trainers, allowing us to select the right candidate to support your child’s specific learning needs.  

From our humble beginnings tutoring a small group of students at a local library to now assisting in transforming the lives of over 7,000 active students, we know how to minimise stress and maximise success!

Our trainers focus on enhancing student mindset, building self-confidence, and motivation, whilst curating study plans, and mentoring career development - offering a holistic and focused approach to helping your child achieve and exceed their potential!

By delivering targeted support to students across all subjects and year levels, we can work with your child to build confidence, increase motivation, and maximize potential. Whether it is developing initial reading comprehension skills with a primary student, or assisting a senior student with complex mathematics, we can do it all!

Our comprehensive in-home tutoring program places your child’s needs at the forefront of our educational approach, enabling us to equip ADT’s trainers with not only the necessary initial training, but also the ongoing skills development to ensure they utilise our effective and proven systems, strategies, and programs to manage all student needs, all the time.
At ADT we also know that the foundations for student success are built on more than basic content knowledge, which is why we provide Personal Academic Training for all students. 

This unique approach imparts relevant knowledge to each student assisting them with developing effective time management and study skills giving them the capacity to balance their schoolwork with hobbies, interests, casual jobs, and other personal commitments. 

This vow, to develop tailored study skills by personalizing each session allows the team at ADT to maximize your child’s engagement, providing an ever evolving, always adaptive approach to student learning, that focuses on facilitating fluctuating learning demands as they occur. 

Furthermore, our decision to partner with state schools across Queensland means we can send and receive your child's academic and performance reports, allowing our trainers to plan lessons that are targeted, effective and relevant. 
With an extensive recruitment process and in-depth coaching, our trainers hold all relevant police and children’s checks which means they can personally travel to private homes and tutor students in an environment that is safe, familiar, and comfortable. 


At ADT every student matters, and every moment counts.

We challenge. We create. We innovate. 

When you choose ADT, you are choosing the best!

Avikash Narayan



I am extremely happy the way the lesson are going. My son's and the trainer Jamie have made a postive relationship and we are so grate ful for Jamie's support and personlised teaching. My son has ADHD refues to study and go to school. His teacher requests a parent teacher interview fortnightly to discuss about him falling behind and falling to complete set tasks. His report card used to be straight D's in all subjects. After a year of tutoring, my son has made huge progress and his last report card was B's and C's. This is all thanks to Jamie who has motivited my son to study and helped him build self confidence.

I definetly recommed Adt because of their quality support, im very impressed. Thank you

Tracy - Year 8 Parent

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