Face to Face Tuition

Primary & Secondary School

We come to you!


Build your skills and confidence with our personalized 1-on-1 in-person tutoring lessons designed for students in Prep to 12 who want to catch up, stay on top or get ahead at school.

Australian Direct Tutoring is more than "just" a tutoring company.

Our tutors transform the way your child learns, not just their grades. We don't just "teach the curriculum". Our tutors develop lifelong study skills in primary and high school students - with remarkable results. That's why we're the official tutoring company for Australia's highest performing schools. 

catching up

Catch up & Stay on top of your learning. Get those assessments completed with full integrity before the due date.


Learning organizational skills helps you to achieve more than you think!

Highly beneficial for assessments & exams preparations and for the future.

Boosting Self-esteem 

When a child loses their confidence & motivation, it is directly impacted on their grades with an inability to concentrate. The support of our enthusiastic trainers will help regain those motivations to boost those low grades.

in home tuition

Learning from an environment where a child feels safe, comfortable & familiar. There is no need to travel or traffic frustration.

School contact

Correspondence with child's class teacher for regular progress reports and teacher recommendations. This will help students to be ahead of the game!


Learning content is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and crossed check with state schools.

valuable skills

By introducing students to helpful life skills, we are preparing them to succeed rather than waiting for them to slip up and learn from their mistakes. Students will learn, ability to resilience, maintain a healthy lifestyle, become relevant, approach education without getting sidetracked.


ADT will partner with the Speech or Occupational Therapy that your child attends. Working with external service providers allow ADT to individualize learning plans based on their disability and support requirements.

"Give your child the study skills they need to reach their full academic potential.  At ADT, Brisbane's fastest-growing tutoring company, we empower your child to achieve lifelong study skills and give them the strategies they need to become 'A' students. The result?  Remarkable improvements in confidence, attitude, and grades." 


Let's Look At The Benifits 

Basic Homework Help Is Not Enough

Discover The ADT Difference

In-Home and face-to-face tuition where your child feels safe and comfortable.

Identify knowledge gaps with industry-leading diagnostic assessments

Faster results with a personally tailored lesson plan & Improve confidence & motivation with 1-on-1 mentoring

Learn the skills of the 'A' students with proven study skills program

Insights into your child's progress with detailed online assessment reports and fortnightly progress reports.

Progress check with your child's classroom teacher and regular correspondence. 

156 Tutors

8,514 students

46 schools partnered 

96.7% Success rate

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